Sunday, May 25, 2014


6x6 oil on ampersand board

Back to doing smaller paintings to take to the Ohio Art Market and replace the ones I've sold.

Used this idea from artist, Patti Mollica, I happened to see it off on the side while she was doing one of her YouTube demos.  I took an 8x10 canvas panel and painted the three value shades of gray using acrylic paint.  I can use this many times until I fill it up.  Wonderful idea for checking values.  Peggi Kroll Roberts has videos for value exercises too that I often do.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bait Shop for Boats

16x20 oil on gallery wrap canvas

There were several things I concentrated on with this painting.  First, I was very conscious of my values.  I was painting from a photo I took on my iPad.  My grandson showed me how to change the filter when I edited the photo on my iPad.  I was then able to choose " tonal" which allowed me to view the values.  I drew the scene and massed in my shadows on the figures.  Then I put in much of my background using warm and cool colors for contrast.

I was anxious to paint the figures, my focal point.  I realized how much I'm learning about color.  Adding a little orange to the cad red caused the red to pop.  Just love that.  Also, I added yellow to brighten up the green in the shirt.  To get the blues to pop in the shirt, I put ultramarine blue mixed with white next to the phthalo blue mixtures.  So much better than just adding white.

I was very pleased with this one considering I scraped two before this one.  I can still do this.  I was beginning to wonder.  Don't you just hate when that happens?  :)