Sunday, January 19, 2014

Morning Grace

8x10 pastel on pastel paper

Here's my second pastel of boats.  I did this one on white pastel but still found I had to layer and layer the pastel pigment.  Painting with pastels has so many similarities to oil in that you don't have to worry about drying time, you can blend, you start off with a thinner layer and apply on top, etc. but handling a pastel vs. a paint brush is very different.  I like them both but do prefer painting with brushes and palette knives at this time.  

I've framed this one and the last post painting under glass with a mat.  The correct way is to double mat them, but I just needed to get them framed so I wouldn't ruin them.  I did give this one a light spray of pastel fixative which darkened it a little bit.  I didn't on the last pastel when I was done with the painting.  I have read that this seems to be a personal preference at the completion of a pastel.  Of course, if you want to rework an area, and you don't want the color to be dirty, then you would use the spray to provide a new surface.

Back to Boats

8x10 pastel on pastel paper
I got out my pastels for the first time since April.  I did this painting on black pastel paper.  I've painted it in oil before but worked from the original photo.  This painting required layers and layers of pastel to cover the black.  I might rethink using black for the next one.  I had a lot of light values in this scene and covering the black took time.  I couldn't resist doing a boat scene once I arrived back in Florida for the winter months.

I've been perusing my many videos and books.  This helps get me past the painter's slump that I'm in.  I did many still lifes in oil when I was home in cold Ohio, but the warm environment has an affect on me.  Can't help myself when it comes to beach scenes and boats.  I'll work on them for a while.  

I don't know if anyone else ran into the same difficulty I had with uploading my photos onto my blog.  I finally downloaded google chrome and that took care of the problem.  I did paint this a week ago and have struggled getting it posted since then.