Sunday, October 27, 2013

Horse Parade

11x14 oil on canvas panel
I'm satisfied with the way this turned out.  The horses were fun but I had a hard time keeping track of the legs.   I began with a good drawing.  I printed the photo on a full sheet of paper and put my grid lines on the photo and the canvas which helped with this complicated scene.
To bring unity to the painting, I ended with adding spots of warm and cool colors around the painting.  I put some of the lightened yellow ochre in the cooler street and added blues to the warm colored buildings.  I softened edges in the background and carefully added details to the horses and wagon. 
Here's my cute story about the day I went to the Horse Parade in 2012:
Early in the morning on the day of the horse parade, my husband was driving home from out east of our town.  He saw a man riding a horse along the rural highway with a dog and a mule following close beside him.  The man had a large backpack, dressed in a fringed leather jacket, and was obviously traveling somewhere.  This man actually happened upon the horse parade in our town and the officials of the parade asked him to lead the parade which he did.  My daughter, grandchildren and I went to the parade that day and we didn't know about this man on the horse with his dog and mule at the time.  When we saw him in the parade, we were delighted to see how well the dog and mule stayed with him.  The story came out in the local newspaper the next day about him.  My daughter and I actually were interviewed as well at the parade and our interview was written up in the article as well.  

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Painting in Progress

While perusing through my blog list, I saw that Cathy Engberg posted on her blog a work in progress that she was excited about and asked what other's had on their easels.  This is it.  It's a scene from the Horse Parade in Delaware, Ohio.  I've never really painted animals other than little dogs in scenes and horses are a challenge for me.  We'll see how this turns out.  I'm loving the cool and warm colors in this scene.  The colors on my palette are warm and cool yellow, red, and blue along with orange, raw sienna, yellow ochre and of course, titanium white.  For greens I'm using phtalo blue, orange, and yellow. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Red, White and Blue 3

I guess I wasn't done.  I've determined that this painting was a study and I don't really like the painting that much!  I really lightened things up once I went back to the computer and edited the photograph.  I saturated the color and lightened the tint and there were all those colors in the windows, etc. that my original photo didn't show.  If I was painting plein aire, I would have seen these colors and more. 
I pushed myself on this one.  I'm not that comfortable painting buildings and cityscapes.  I've been reading Painting with Impact by David Curtis and Robin Capon.  David states, "You will find that it is only by confronting even greater challenges - and persevering at ways to solve these - that you will improve your work and gain in confidence and skill.  I also learned from Tim Deibler on a painting exercise on you tube that in an average painting, you make up to 2000 decisions.  I know that oftentimes at the end of a painting session, I'm tired and now I know why.  I'm definitely tired of working on this one and will put it in my "study" pile. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Red, White and Blue 2

I think I'm done with this one now.  I darkened the brick on top and the sign and flag still stand as focal point with the hard edges.  The cars do stand out for sure, but I think this painting now is a little more pleasing to the viewer, at least I hope so. 

This journey in oil painting is a continuous building of skill.  An art instructor once told me that once you master one thing, it stays with you and comes naturally.   It becomes part of your memory.  I have come a long way since I began my blogging.  Even though I get into a slump every now and then, I absolutely love painting and try to evoke this passion in my work.

Red, White and Blue

11x14 oil on canvas panel
Can you tell a difference between these two photos?  The second photo is of the same painting but reworked.  I softened the edges of the background information so that the hard edges of the sign and flag would create more of a focal point.  When I looked at the first one, my eyes were moving all around and something didn't work for me.  Too busy, but softening the edges even with the bold colors of the cars and the brick at top, my eyes moved to the focal point of the sign and flag.  I'm thinking that if I toned down the brick at top so as not to compete with the red in the car, that might help also.  I'm not done with this painting. 

I decided to do some cityscapes.  This is downtown Westerville.  While walking along State St., this scene caught my eye with the flag and the red, white and blue cars lined up in front of the Amish Originals Furniture Co.  First time I've really done cars other than spots of color in other paintings and of course, my husband said time to paint my cars.  I'll give them a try.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Gearing up to start painting again.  I had to get more paint and boards.  I have a show coming up at the Delaware Arts Castle and that's been keeping me busy getting things chosen and priced.  Also, getting back to my videos and perusing the net for more to learn and try.

As I was going through my painting album in picasa (a site where I save all I do), I came across this one of my son-in-law.  It was a quick study, but looking at it now, I really like it.  I captured him well.  As much as I struggled at first to get subjects for my figure paintings for 30 days, I'm realizing there are subjects everywhere.  I just have to open my eyes and see them.  I also think that I'm realizing that I can paint scenes, subjects, etc. now that I didn't know I could before.

Some thoughts:   I'm going to have to set up my own challenges or maybe time frames in which to finish a painting.  The pressure motivates me and if I post on facebook, I've committed myself.  I have found that if I stick with one subject, skill to work on, size of painting, or whatever for longer than a day, I can make better progress and improve.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Finished the Challenge!

Here's 25 of the 30.   I got some figure painting miles behind me... Now on to the next...

Day 30 of 30 paintings!

Kristin 2
5x7 oil on canvas panel
I finally made it.  This was quickly done because I think I need to do some boats, maybe?
I am also anxious to do some larger pieces.  Thank you Leslie Saeta for putting this challenge on!  Looking forward to another in January!