Saturday, July 30, 2011

Want to race?

6x6 oil on masonite
Just got back from Sarasota and have some photographs of my nieces to try.  For now I'm sharing some of the work I did before I left.

These boats were at Huntington Beach, CA.  Painting white boats side by side was a challenge.  So many different whites to choose from.  I first tried to paint the color in the photo.  Something just didn't look correct.  Then I painted the boat in front a warm white and that did it!  Brought it forward and gave it depth.  I have tried to change the color of the boats like Leslie Saeta does (love her work), but was unsuccessful.  I'll keep trying because I love color- bold color. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taking up Fishing

This was painted on black gessoed masonite.  I limited my strokes and applied the paint with gentle pressure.  It gave me a different effect and feel for what oil paint can do.  Typically I'm pushing the paint around, applying it like butter, or spreading it with a palette knife.  Love it all. .  
     Thought I'd share how I got the title for my blog.  As I mentioned in my profile, I was a teacher.  I loved using my creative abilities in my kindergarten and first grade classrooms.   My favorite quote and my philosophy of teaching is "a child is a candle to be lit, not a cup to be filled".   I am now the child with time to devote to my art passion.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gathering Shells

Another subject I love - my granddaughter! 
The flesh in shadow was a little difficult for me.  I did do this in one sitting .  I especially love the shadow on the sand.  It was a beautiful day!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Kayak Fun

These are my grandchildren.  We had such a great time kayaking at Turtle Beach in Siesta Key, Florida.  I find when you love your subject, it comes through your painting.  This is one of my first attempts at figures and I have to say I was surprised at how well it turned out even though I know I have a lot to learn about flesh tones and figurative drawing.   I love when artists include the greens, blues, and bright oranges in their flesh tones. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Great Life

Yes, it's a great life!  Retired after 35 years of kindergarten/first grade teaching and now having the time to spend painting.  Wow!  This painting was done with a palette knife on black gessoed masonite.  I get the masonite at the hardware store and my husband cuts it for me.  I then gesso it white or black.  This boat was in Sarasota, Florida where my husband and I now spend the winter months.  I imagine you'll see many boats and beach scenes on my blog!