Sunday, November 17, 2013

Two Red and Two Green

6x6 oil on canvas panel
 I have been spending time on the Daily Paintworks site and watching my art bytes that you can order from this site.   Carol Marine is a favorite artist of mine and she did an art byte on painting apples.  I replicated her composition with a few changes and painted it trying to remember all her good teaching points.  I got so much from doing this.  I have a tendency to forget or miss points, but when I go entirely through the process, it finally sinks in and goes to my muscle memory. 
Here's some of things that I learned:
A penumbra is the light transition mark that is put on the edge of the cast shadow which is darker than the color in light and lighter than the shadow color (this shows up nicely at the bottom of the cast shadow of the green apple on the right).
When laying down the first color of the apples, don't make it too light.  She said she tended to do that before.  It may not be as light as it looks.
All shadows are grays which are the mixture of red, blue and yellow.  Grays are used in the form and cast shadows.
She talks a lot about islands (apples, form and cast shadows) and oceans (backgrounds, papers that items sit on).  Paint islands (apple) first, then cast shadows (more of the islands) and then papers and table (oceans) last.  Go out of the lines when painting the islands.  When you lay in the oceans you cover it up and the object fits in the picture rather than on top.
I highly recommend going to the Daily Paintworks shop and buying Art Bytes!  They are free or cost $5 - $15.


  1. I like the Art Bytes and have bought a few. Carol is an amazing teacher and one of my favorite teachers. Great job on the apples!

    1. Thank you Linda. I now feel like I have somewhat of a handle on my still life painting process. Wish I could take a workshop with her some time.

  2. Great painting. I like your colors. I've purchased a lot of Art Bytes and I think I'll go back and reread them. Happy Holidays.

    1. Thanks, Robin. I enjoy following your blog and loved when you shared the stages of painting the blue pitcher. Happy Holidays to you, too.