Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Red, White and Blue 3

I guess I wasn't done.  I've determined that this painting was a study and I don't really like the painting that much!  I really lightened things up once I went back to the computer and edited the photograph.  I saturated the color and lightened the tint and there were all those colors in the windows, etc. that my original photo didn't show.  If I was painting plein aire, I would have seen these colors and more. 
I pushed myself on this one.  I'm not that comfortable painting buildings and cityscapes.  I've been reading Painting with Impact by David Curtis and Robin Capon.  David states, "You will find that it is only by confronting even greater challenges - and persevering at ways to solve these - that you will improve your work and gain in confidence and skill.  I also learned from Tim Deibler on a painting exercise on you tube that in an average painting, you make up to 2000 decisions.  I know that oftentimes at the end of a painting session, I'm tired and now I know why.  I'm definitely tired of working on this one and will put it in my "study" pile. 

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  1. I really like it Sue! Wow, just finished an acrylic - your post has me thinking about how many decisions I made - really 2000. No wonder it drains a person when the teach or paint! :0
    Would love to connect on facebook too!
    ~Happy Painting!