Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 7 of 30 Paintings

Building Castles
5x7 oil on canvas panel
I'm a day late posting because in the short hours I had in my day to paint yesterday, I scraped off two times.  But what I learned is that I like to paint from photos that have good source light whether it be backlit or side or front.  In many of the beach scenes, the source of light comes from the sides, thus nice, shadows that have pleasing shapes as Peggi Kroll Roberts would say.
This painting was easy for me, but yesterday's photo just ended up flat and I couldn't change it to make it work.  That is what I know about the place I'm at as an artist right now.  I can paint what I see, but to create my own source light and go with it, I'm not that experienced yet.  You've just got to put in the miles, which is why this challenge is so important to me. 
I haven't listed any of my paintings for sale yet.  I'm looking at this challenge as a study of figure painting and want to compare them for now, but they will go up for sale sometime unless they are my family and they go to them first.


  1. Love the confidence of the pose and the confidence of the artist...Keep them coming..Beautiful

  2. Thanks again, Page. I'm going to give it try...