Sunday, September 16, 2012


8x10 oil on canvas panel
Enjoyed painting this boat.  I loved mixing the grays.  Wasn't quite sure what color to do the background.  The water did look cerulean or even more aqua in my photo.  This photo of the painting doesn't really capture the correct color I ended up with.  My goal was to have the value correct.
This past week I dropped off my paintings to the Ohio Arts Market.  I've been busy painting so that I would have some things to put in this gallery.   The curator informed me that an anonymous person wanted to sponsor an artist by helping with the rental fee for a few months and she asked me if I was interested.  Of course I was and look forward to being part of this market. 
I also just opened up a store on Etsy.  I don't have much to put on there just yet but am excited about this opportunity to sell.  

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  1. This painting has so much personality and energy . . . great color and grays! I've really enjoyed scrolling through your blog. So exciting to embark on this next step—getting your work out there!! All the best!