Friday, June 22, 2012

Tiki Bar Stop

11x14 oil on stretched canvas

Look familiar?  It's from the same photo as the last post but with changes.  I took out the rubber boats that were in front and replaced it with a red boat from another photo.  I worried that my size and perspective wouldn't be correct, but I think I did it fine.  I also took out some other boats that were in the photo.  I was sharing my plan with my daughter and she was the one who suggested taking out the rubber boats.  I can always depend on my daughter's opinions to be valuable.

I have been stretching my own canvas.  First, I soaked the cotton duct canvas before stretching as I had learned from my art instructor, Florence Anderson and it worked out well.  The ones I stretched dry also seemed to be fine.  The employees at Dick Blick Art Store said that they never soaked them first, but thought that that was probably a good idea.  They also said they sold a spray that tightens up the canvas.   Would love to know what you think from those of you who stretch your own.

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