Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pink Zinnias

5x7 oil on canvas panel
After growing weary of trying to paint a boat scene and wiping it off two times over the last couple of days, I decided to do peruse my art books, videos and finally do a still life. 
I got out one of my art books, Oil Painting, The Workshop Experience  by Ted Goerschner and mixed grays for about an hour.  If you aren't familiar with this book, I highly recommend it especially for new artists like me.   


  1. Sue, I like this one better! I think it is because I would love to get my work to run more together like you have done here. My work is too tight. This one is simplified. The second is broken up a little more with more detail. I feel the color here is very lovely!! I can see it better....just an opinion.

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    1. Thanks Sherrie. That looseness is exactly what I was striving for. I've been watching Lisa Daria's blog and her flowers are loose and gorgeous. I need much more experience and practice.