Monday, May 14, 2012

Cruising along

oil 8x10 canvas panel

While fishing at Casey Key last week, this boat went down the intercoastal and three dolphins swam right along side.  The people were squealing with delight.  They say if you tap the side of the boat, they will swim to you.  We also saw a manatee and an eagle that evening.  Unfortunately, my husband didn't catch any fish.

This was done from a photo I took that evening.  I went back to painting on black gessoed canvas panel.  I also used higher quality paint.  When I started painting again last year, I was using student grade paint not realizing the huge difference and have been wondering why the paint was like slipping off the board or canvas.  What a difference using better grade paint!  So much more pigment and actually I believe I'm using less paint. 

Also, I have been watching my DVD by Marilyn Simandle (Lake Garda, Italy) and she said she never uses medium.  So I thought I'd try that, too and liked the way the paint flowed.  She suggests using single primed canvas because it has more tooth and the paint sticks better.  I, also, plan on trying to stretch my own canvas.  I'm just moving right along.... there's more to painting than just painting.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll make a decision as to what kind of paint, what style I will stick with, what medium I will use, what surface I will paint on, what subject I will paint, whether I'll use medium or not and which kind, ...   on and on and on.  I hope I never tire of deciding among all these choices let alone the decisions one makes when painting the picture.

While doing this piece, I concentrated on shapes and values.  Something else I read once was to think of the painting like a collage and lay down shapes on top of shapes.  Also, I limited my brushstrokes.  I really enjoyed painting this one!

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  1. Great painting! You made all the right decisions.