Friday, January 20, 2012

Siesta Key

The pastel painting is now in the final stages.  I'll let Florence view it before I declare it done.  I'll take a  picture of her painting at the next class and post that, too.  If you haven't tried pastels, I recommend doing so.  There are so many colors to choose from.    Florence suggested using ampersand boards for pastels especially if you are painting professionally.  She also mentioned getting special pastel archival paper.  There is a terrific art store here in Sarasota that carries everything.  I have Dick Blick close to me at home in Ohio and this store.  I'm very fortunate not to have to mail order and pay shipping.

I would like to experiment with different types of surfaces.   She did tell me that I am very neat and clean when I paint.  I try to loosen up but guess that's me.  (Maybe this is why I like palette knife painting - I don't require so much control of where to put my brushstrokes ?!  just a thought)... 

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