Sunday, October 9, 2011

My new studio

This is my new studio area.  My husband added a room (his man cave) in the basement and moved all his things down there which left me this sunny room.  He put up some shelves for me and I'm getting settled.  I'm getting really serious now...

I got my new videos from Peggi Kroll Roberts.  After I watch them, I plan on doing the lessons.  This lesson was From Value to Color.  Getting those values correct is difficult for me and this exercise really helps.  These pictures are some that I took of my little granddaughter Annabelle.  We got her all dressed up in her Sunday dress and went out on this beautiful sunny day.  I had her pose beside her playhouse above and on her swingset.  She's a natural!  I have some other adorable shots that I plan on doing.  I guess I'll call it the Annabelle series. 


  1. I really like how your portraits are coming out. I like the strong values and simple color masses. Of course, great composition too.

  2. Your comments are really appreciated! There's an emotional connect with the subject which maybe comes through...