Friday, August 19, 2011

Ritz and PB

I found two fantastic artists, Dale Axelrod and his wife Camille Przewodek.  They worked with Henry Hensche and carry on his tradition by teaching his theories to others in workshops.  They recommend reading Hawthorne on Painting collected by Mrs. Charles W. Hawthorne.  I have ordered it on Amazon and can't wait to read it.  Hensche's theories relate to color tones and how to paint them.  It is amazing how much there is to learn about color and how to see colors in shadows, sunlight, etc.  This still life painting is my attempt at color in light and shadows.  It was tricky using the palette knife and painting the details on the Peter Pan jar.  I am nuts :) about Peter Pan peanut butter!  Especially now since I'm trying to shed a few pounds and that's all I am craving. 
I also ordered some videos from Peggi Kroll Roberts.  Can't wait to get them.

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